the Power and Control Team

About Me

Hi Everyone! I'm Sam, or Smallsop, or Mum!

When did Smalls Kitchen start? Smalls Kitchen was born in October 2020!

How did Smalls Kitchen start? I had a Personal Trainer (shout out to Nick!) who said to me 'I want to see pictures of what you are eating' - so I began spamming his whatsapp with every meal I was eating, unknowingly to me I was apparantly staging photos that would see me launch my own business! Only 2/3 weeks of sending him photos and he said to me 'Sam you could sell your food, I have 1 client that I know will buy your food from you'... and so the week after that I sold to his customer, who remained a customer for months. Week 1 I sold £40 worth of food, and whilst at the time I fully anticipated this just being a bit of extra cash whilst furloughed I continued to sell more and more each week, fast forward two years and I still continue to sell more and more each week!

What did I do before Smalls Kitchen? From the age of 15 I have worked in hospitality, I began as a waitress/glass collector in weddings and events at hotels, and by the time I was 20 I was a Wedding Manager at a hotel in Nottingham, I then moved to Cheshire and spent 10 years planning weddings & events across Cheshire. 2019 saw me move back home to Derby, I remained working in Manchester for a few months, but eventually got a job in a wedding venue in Derby - I worked there for 2 weeks before I was furloughed... and that was the end of my wedding career! (Which I will blab on about to anyone that will listen because I LOVE weddings and events - and I miss that life - a lot!!!)

Who is in my team? My team is my other half, and chief Smalls Kitchen photographer - Rich (aka @tipsy.cook_rc on Instagram if you want the opposite of healthy food!) and my 7 year old Son - Henry (aka Mr I want some pocket money so i'll help with whatever I can in the kitchen!) I also have a few members of staff who occasionally, mainly on a Monday, help me to meal prep, or other days we spend rolling protein balls - 100's at a time!

My favourite...

Food: Mashed Potato & Creme Eggs!

Drink: Coke (don't mess me around - I want full fat coke) & G&T!

Animal: Dog!

Fav TV program: ANYTHING Wedding related!

Fav Movie: ANYTHING Wedding related! Or Matilda, Lion King, American Pie!

Worst Habit: Procrastinating with mindless scrolling on social media!

I am a very open book, and can talk until the cows come home but i'm not stupid enough to think you've even made it this far on this page... so speak soon yeh!

Sam x